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Peterborough District was formed on the 1st September 2017.

The district was formed through a history of merges, splits and name changes throughout its long history. 

Scouting in Peterborough first began in June 1910, when three troops were registered to the district 'The Soke of Peterborough.' These groups were located at The Kings School, Walton and Barnack, Ufford & Bainton.

On 8th November 1912, The Soke of Peterborough was divided into two districts - 'West Soke Association' and 'Peterborough Association.'

By 1914/15 the two districts had re-joined again, this time incorporating the Norman Cross association too and known only as 'The Soke'. Scouting continued throughout the First World War and a total of 203 members served in the forces, with all but 25 returning home safely. 

During the Second World War, Scouting in Peterborough was still active, but the number of groups across the city varied due to leaders going on war service. In 1946 those leaders returned and the number of groups in 'The Soke' district stood at 17.

In 1965, a new Scout county was formed, known as 'Huntingdon and Peterborough,' and alongside this 'The Soke' became 'The District of Peterborough.' As Scouting continued to grow in popularity, Peterborough then split in to two districts - 'Peterborough North' and 'Peterborough South.'

Again, in June 1977 the decision was made to further split the districts in Peterborough, forming three separate districts known as 'Fitzwilliam,' 'Hereward' and 'Nene.' There districts were then in place for over 20 years, until further changes were made to the structure on 1st April 1999. At this time, the decision was made to merge 'Fitzwilliam' and 'Hereward' districts which became 'Medehamstede.'

Finally, in 2017 the decision was made that to make a more effective and collaborative Scouting provision across the city it should be returned to work as one unified district and the 'Peterborough' district was officially formed on 1st September.

Peterborough District History

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